The Secret of Cleaning Your House

First, vacuum throughout the house first. You’ll want to do this even on hard-surface floors, as vacuuming is much easier than sweeping and has the same end result. Afterwards, you can mop or clean your floors as needed. ” SUMITRA GURUNG Follow this step-by-step guide to make the most of your time and clean your house fast. Clean the whole house, not one room at time. … Gather all your cleaning tools in a caddy. … Clear the clutter. … Dust and vacuum. … Wipe mirrors and glass. … Disinfect countertops and surface areas. … Focus on tubs, sinks and toilets. … Sweep, then mop. ” SUMITRA GURUNG How do you clean your house like a professional? Ways to Clean Your House Like a Pro Housekeeper Use a pattern. Apply products and walk away. Clean your ceilings and walls. Don’t forget about your baseboards. Declutter, then clean. Clear off surfaces. Use a rag in place of a mop. Fold towels in threes.


The Secret of Cleaning Your Office

Keeping the office clean starts with keeping your surfaces clean. From file cabinets to furniture, dust can build up and collect on all of your office surfaces. Use a microfiber cloth or a duster to quickly clean and prevent dust buildup on all of the flat surface areas in your workspace. DAILY CLEANING Empty waste receptacles and replace liners. … Vacuum all carpets and mats. Vacuum all hard floors. Dust all horizontal surfaces of desks, chairs, tables and other furniture. Damp wipe all horizontal surfaces with disinfectant. Mop all hard floors with disinfectant. Cleaning Your Office Dust. Use a damp microfiber cloth to wipe down all surfaces. … Vacuum. Work top to bottom. … Disinfect. Sitting at our desks, we do lots and lots of touching, creating new micro-bacteria colonies with each keystroke, mouse click and phone call. … Consistency. Vacuum the floor, carpets, and mats around office cubicles to get rid of dust or dirt that cannot be removed by hand. Organize loose papers that are spread on desks or any other areas. Keep the ones that are required frequently in an easy to reach the place. Clean smudges and fingerprints from windows and mirrors. Checklist for Cleaning Office Desks and Cubicles Clean computer screens and dust keyboards. Recycle paper and empty trash cans. Vacuum floors around and under desks and tables. Clean the windows in offices. Disinfect the surfaces that people touch: phones, lamps, keyboards, fax machines, copiers, staplers, and more.


The Secret of Cleaning Your Kitchen

10 Tips for Keeping Your Kitchen Clean 1 – Keep it minimal. … 2 – Start with a clean kitchen. … 3 – Clean while you wait. … 4 – Let the water out of the sink right away. … 5 – Wipe out the sink after washing dishes. … 6 – Clean up spills ASAP. … 7 – Clean as you go. … 8 – Have a compost/trash bowl. SUMITRA B.K Clean Your Kitchen In Seven Easy Steps Put all of the dirty dishes in the dishwasher. … Wipe off countertops and tables with hot soapy water. … Sweep the floor and shake throw rugs if needed. Wash the dishes that have been soaking. Wipe down the faucets and dry with a towel. … Put out a clean dishcloth and towel. Cagna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla pariatur. Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident, sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est laborum. Sed ut perspiciatis unde omnis iste natus errore. Clean Your Entire Kitchen in 30 Minutes Clear the clutter (3 minutes). Put food away (2 minutes). Clean your cleaning supplies (1 minute). Load the dishwasher — but don’t run it just yet (3 minutes). Toss expired items from fridge; wipe the exterior (5 minutes). Spray and scrub the countertops (3 minutes).


The Secret of Cleaning Your Floor

Vacuum, dust or wipe with a lightly dampened mop – never use soap-based detergents, as they can leave a dull film on the floor, and avoid over-wetting. Don’t use wax polish either, as this will make the floor slippery. To remove marks and stains, use a dilute solution of water and vinegar. Mild dish soap can work well as a floor cleaner, and since it is so mild, it can be used on most floor types without leaving a residue. Don’t overuse it, though—too much will create a slightly sticky film. Here are two different recipes to try: Mix 1/4 cup mild dish soap and 3 cups warm water. HIRA MAYA BK 5 Steps to Properly Mop a Floor Sweep the floor first. If you don’t, you’ll just be pushing dirt around. … Choose the right mop. This is probably the most important step. … Have a good system. Depending on what cleaner and mop you’re using, try to create an easily repeatable system. … Wipe in the right direction. … Let it air dry.


The Secret of Cleaning Your Apartment

How to Clean Your Apartment Handle Clutter First. … Clean and Put Away Dishes. … Do a Garbage Sweep. … Gather Laundry. … Embrace All-Purpose Cleaner. … Clean the Kitchen and Bathrooms First. … Get Dusty. … Vacuum, Vacuum, Vacuum. Sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping the floors in your home should be part of regular cleaning. For deep cleaning, focus on removing stains, addressing especially high traffic areas with stubborn dirt, and cleaning grout if your floors are tiled. Start by doing a basic clean of your hardwood floors or laminate floors. Jessica Mcdade How many times a week should I clean my apartment? That’s why it’s best to give the floor a good mopping every week. First, start with sweeping up all the dirt and dust. Then, using a store-bought floor cleaner or a home mixture and wet the floor to disinfect. Then, use a mop or a cloth to clean! How long should it take to clean an apartment? 1 Bedroom 1 Bath Apartment: If you live in a one-bedroom apartment, the amount of time you spend cleaning will take an average of 1 1/2 hours a week. This will include basic apartment cleaning. However, during those weeks, when you decide to do deep cleaning, you can expect to spend 2 1/2 hours cleaning.


The Secret of Cleaning Your Home

Follow this step-by-step guide to make the most of your time and clean your house fast. Clean the whole house, not one room at time. … Gather all your cleaning tools in a caddy. … Clear the clutter. … Dust and vacuum. … Wipe mirrors and glass. … Disinfect countertops and surface areas. … Focus on tubs, sinks and toilets. … Sweep, then mop ” When doing your thorough cleaning, dust the room before vacuuming so you can vacuum up the particles that float into the air as you work and settle on the floor. ” Mary grace Delos santos In what order should you clean your house? Take a look. Clean the Most Difficult Room First. The bathroom may be one of the smaller rooms in the house, but it’s also more time-consuming when to clean. … Up Next: Dusting and Organizing. Now you’ll want to tackle the dusting throughout your house. … Move on to Mopping and Vacuuming. … Final Course: Cleaning The Kitchen.


The Secret of Your Gutter Cleaning

What is the easiest way to clean your gutters? The most straightforward method is to climb a ladder onto the roof and walk along the edge, blowing the leaves out of the gutter as you go. A safer method is to use an extension kit. This extends and curves your leaf blower’s reach, so you can clean the gutters while standing on the ground. ” For best results with keeping gutters clean and preventing roof damage, it’s a good idea to have screens installed on top of the gutters. This will allow rainwater and melted snow to enter the gutter but will keep the leaves and debris out. ” HIRA MAYA BK How Often Should You Clean Your Gutters? Speaking in general terms, you should make a point of cleaning your gutters at least twice a year. Depending on what sort of foliage you have near your home (such as pine trees), you may want to clean once every three months.


The Secret of Your Window Cleaning

The best homemade window cleaning solution is to just mix two gallons of water and about a teaspoon of dishwashing liquid together in your bucket. Some people also opt to use vinegar and water to clean windows. In warm weather, you’ll get a little more working time by using cool water. ” Mix one part distilled vinegar to 10 parts warm water in a spray bottle. Wipe down the window with a a soft, clean, lint-free microfiber cloth or paper towel to remove dust before you spray your solution, then spray the entire surface.” Jessica Mcdade Mix one cup of rubbing alcohol with a tablespoon of vinegar. This solution evaporates quickly and ensures streak-free glass. Clean cloudy glass with a mixture of ammonia and hot, soapy water. If that doesn’t work, apply petroleum jelly to the affected area and allow it sit for a day or two. Insider’s takeaway. A mixture of vinegar and water can provide an effective and non-toxic cleaning solution for windows and mirrors. To clean your windows with vinegar, combine equal parts vinegar and distilled water in a spray bottle. Mix it to combine. Make sure to use a commercial glass cleaner or try a combination of distilled water and white vinegar. Once you have the product ready, use a microfiber cloth, t-shirt, or newspaper instead of paper towels. Spray the product on your cloth instead of on the mirror in order to avoid drips that you’ll need to wipe up.


The Secret of Your Toilet Cleaning

How do I get my toilet really clean? Using either disinfecting wipes or a combination of disinfecting spray and a rag, paper towels, or a sponge (that you reserve just for this task), wipe down all of the external surfaces of the toilet, paying special attention to any areas you touch regularly such as the seat and the flushing handle. ” That’s right. The fizzy drink can actually remove hard-to-clean stains on the inside of a toilet bowl. You can either pour cola directly onto the stains themselves or cover the entire inside of the bowl by putting cola into a spray bottle and spraying on a light coating.” SUMITRA GURUNG Here’s what you need to do: Grab the Borax and pour ¼ cup into your toilet bowl. Then, using a toilet brush, swish it around. Add 1 cup of vinegar. Allow the solution to sit in your toilet bowl for about 20 minutes. Use a toilet brush to scrub the bowl clean and eliminate any remaining stains. Bleach tablets can slowly cause damage to the rubber seals inside your toilet, causing unexpected water leaks and completely avoidable repair bills. Vinegar is safe and milder than caustic cleaners designed for the toilet, and those commercial cleaning agents can eat away the good bacteria in your septic system. To safely and inexpensively clean your toilet bowls, pour a generous glug of vinegar, followed by a heavy sprinkling of baking soda, into the bowl.


The Secret of Your Room Cleaning

14 Simple Secrets to Keeping a Clean House One Touch Rule. Leave the room as you found it. Start the week off with a clean and clutter free home. Clean as you go. Have a place for everything. Make your bed every day. Go to bed with a clean sink. Go to bed with a clear counter. ” It might mean you are busy and have little time to clean and organize. It might be a sign that you have too much stuff. Or it might be the result of having young kids in the house who are usually not motivated to clean up after themselves. ” Jessica Mcdade How do I clean my room perfectly? Step 1: Take Out Trash. … Step 2: Pick Up Dirty Clothes. … Step 3: Put Away Clean Clothes. … Step 4: Strip Your Bed. … Step 5: Clear Surface Clutter. … Step 6: Wipe Surfaces Clean. … Step 7: Dust Curtains and Light Fixtures. … Step 8: Wipe Down Windows and Mirrors.

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