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Professional Pest Control Services In Abu Dhabi UAE.
We provide comprehensive pest control services .
We provide high-quality and professional pest control services through our team of trained pest control service experts.

PHOENIX CLEANING SERVICES guarantees high-quality standards, norms, and safety. This is ensured through our quality and safety training certifications. We function as per IMS guidelines and comply with ISO.
We are audited and certified in accordance with the ISO standards by Quality Registrar System (QRS) in the United Arab Emirates. PHOENIX CLEANING SERVICES pest control services is a proud member of the British Pest Control Association (BPCA) and National Pest Management Association (NPMA). As per the national In-Country Value program (ICV) by the UAE government which aims to boost economic performance and support local industry by directing a higher portion of public spending into the national economy, we at PHOENIX CLEANING SERVICES Pest Control Services have been ICV certified.

Professional, licensed, and expert pest control service provider in all types of pest control services. Cockroaches, bed bugs, spiders, ants, rodents, birds, cats, dogs, etc. You name it, we “PHOENIX CLEANING SERVICES”.


Eco-Friendly Technologies

Eco-Friendly Technologies PHOENIX CLEANING SERVICES Pest Control Services focuses on eco-friendly practices for our pest control solutions and operations. We reduce environmental impact and by using eco-friendly certified treatment chemicals, tools and equipments.

Licensed And Protected

PHOENIX CLEANING SERVICES Pest Control Services is a licensed and ICV certified pest extermination company in the United Arab Emirates. PHOENIX CLEANING SERVICES is certified with ISO 9001:2015, 14001:2015, and 45001:2018 standards. Innovative And Unique Treatments PHOENIX CLEANING SERVICES Pest Control uses advanced and innovative treatment methods for pest extermination. We constantly use our years of experience to provide effective and lasting pest control treatments.

Commercial Pest Control

We provide comprehensive pest extermination services in the United Arab Emirates for commercial, industrial, and business entities with offices in Abu Dhabi.
Residential Pest Control
Residential pest control requires extreme care and safety procedures as this is the place you live and thrive. Get the keys of your home back from pests to you. Keep yourself and your family safe, healthy, and away from pests.

Specialized Solutions

Our experience and technical expertise in the field of pest control enables us to deliver specialized and customized pest control treatment methods for any kind and scale of pest control requirements.

We are certified and Municipality approved Sterilization service provider in UAE.

  • PHOENIX CLEANING SERVICES Hygiene Provides Home Sanitizing & Hospital Grade Disinfection. A Certified and Approved by Dubai Municipality, We Ensure Removal Of 99.999% Of all viruses,Including the coronavirus ( Covid-19 ) and all other viruses affiliated with it. And olso the virus, Bacteria at Home & Commercial Spaces with Professional Decontamination Services To Effectively Reduce Germs, bacteria & Sanitize Surface With Lasting Residual Effect.
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We are accredited

Certified and Dubai Municipality approved disinfection service.



The price starts from 200 dirhams to above, depending on the number of rooms.

Pest Control Service

  • Price :AED200
  • Cleaning Hours :The price starts from 200 dirhams to above, depending on the number of rooms
  • Number of Cleaners :Start From 1 to 4 Cleaner
  • Visiting Hours :10.00am - 07.00pm
  • Contact :+971 58 683 3770
  • E-mail :info@phnx-bestcleaning.com
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Effective and lasting pest control (Best chemical is always not the answer)

Pest control chemicals don’t work by strength or concentration of the chemical but by effective treatment methods involving best practices, industry experience, a plan of action, and mode of action.
Why does pest control fail often? A well-known myth in the industry is that the chemicals used are not strong enough. Pest control requires extensive knowledge of the pest in question. Many factors need to be taken into consideration to provide an effective treatment method on your road to good riddance of persistent pests.
With PHOENIX CLEANING SERVICES Pest Control Services, we evaluate each site for the pest activity and severity levels. we survey the entire site to find where the pests are and where they could be. Each site is treated differently according to need and requirements. Upon evaluating all these factors we use our eco-friendly pest control chemicals and tools to get rid of your pest and we guarantee that you will have effective and long-lasting peace from your unwelcome pests.

Green pest control or Organic pest control involves using eco-friendly nontoxic pest treatment chemicals and methods. Green pest control also includes pest prevention rather than extermination. By preventing pest occurrence and recurrence, we have to use lesser treatment chemicals thereby reducing the usage of chemicals, hence reducing the environmental impact.

We use and follow green pest control chemicals and treatment methods approved by Abu Dhabi and municipalities. We provide green pest control services all across the UAE with branch offices in Abu Dhabi.

Green Pest Control – Eco friendly, Organic – Abu Dhabi
Green pest control or organic pest control is achieved through Integrated Pest Management (IPM). It is the most important aspect of any green pest control treatment method. IPM helps reduce the use of pesticides to a very large extent. IPM achieves green pest control through examination and elimination of various factors that contribute to the reproduction of pests and what helps them thrive rather than exterminating the pests themselves. With this approach, not every pest control situation will require chemical use.

Here is how a green or organic pest control treatment works:

Step 1 – Inspection: Determine the current pest activity present through observation, inspection and discussion with the customer.
Step 2 – Identification: Identify the pest and the specific type of pest or pest species at the site.
Green Pest Control – Eco friendly, Organic, Green chemicals – Abu Dhabi.
Step 3 – Sanitation/Exclusion: Pest activity can be minimized and controlled through better sanitation practices and sealing pest entryways and harborage sites. We educate the clients on proper sanitation practices to be adopted, seal the entryways and destroy the harborage sites.
Step 4 – Treatment: We introduce eco friendly or green pest control approved pesticides and organic pest treatement or extermination methods.
Step 5 – Communication: We provide clients with an overview of what pests were observed and severity level of infestation present, what actions were taken for control, and any recommendations to correct deficient areas.
With offices in prime locations of Abu Dhabi, , and emirates, we offer the best expert and well-trained team of green pest control technicians for organic or eco-friendly or green pest control services in the whole of the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

As environmental impacts around the globe increases, we aim to do our part on the very environment that sustains us, by adopting organic pest control and using eco-friendly pesticides. As stated previously, the focus of organic pest control or green pest control is not to use any chemicals if possible. We shift our mode of operations towards more green, organic, and eco-friendly products and services. Chemicals and eco-friendliness do not go hand in hand for anyone hearing about green or organic pest control. Lots of questions pop into your mind when hearing the term green pest control. What does green or organic pest control do? Is chemical usage eliminated? Is it fully natural?

The truth is not all chemicals used in pest control are bad for animals and humans. Our goal here is to reduce the usage of such chemicals and restrict such pesticides when their usage is inevitable only. Use just enough to exterminate your “Unwelcome Guests”. To clarify further some of the common green pest control methods include baits, traps, boric acid, and other green pesticides.

To summarize pest control demands a holistic approach to your pestering pest problems. Many factors as discussed above contribute to your pest problem. Pest identification, good sanitation, identification of pest harborage are some of them. PHOENIX CLEANING SERVICES pest control services have got you covered. Just give us a call and we will be more than happy to get rid of your problems without worrying about the pests or your environment.


We started PHOENIX CLEANING SERVICES with a vision to improve living and working environments across UAE by offering the best cleaning services in the industry. The company has been built around the needs of our customers and understanding how we can help them to make a difference in their lives.


Provides you with Comprehensive Sterilization Service to Eliminate all Germs and Viruses that Pose a Public Health Threat Including Emerging Corona Virus (Covid-19)





We deal With all Pest Related Issues Cockroaches to Bedbugs ants to fleas, Domestic to Industrial We do it all.

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